CBD Massage Therapy

Pinellas CBD Delivery and East To West Massage Therapy are teaming up together to bring you a brand new and exciting addition to the massage therapy world that will make your therapeutic massage just that more relaxing.

CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound from the Cannabis plant that has been showing recent promise within the medical community to alleviate a variety of health ailments. Start your session out with a 15-30 minute consultation with your massage therapist and choose from a variety of different CBD products including tinctures, edibles, vaporization, or lotion to find the perfect combination of hemp products that will help you relax and let go while you enjoy an hour long massage contoured to your individual needs.


First15-30 Minute Consultation + 60 Minute Massage - $100.00


60 Minute CBD massage - $70.00

First15-30 Minute Consultation + 90 Minute Massage - $140.00


90 Minute CBD massage - $100.00

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